Ideal Protein Weight Loss System

This medically managed system combines weight loss and health education to assist you in losing the weight and maintaining your results after reaching your goal. The high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat plan has evolved over 20 years of research and shoes great success.


This scientifically based program combines the benefits of a very low dose Human Choroinic Gonadrotrophin (HCG) hormone with a low-calorie diet to effectively help lose weight while protecting muscle mass.

PinnerTest Food Intolerance Test

This blood test will identify up to 200 foods that respond negatively with your system to help determine your food sensitivities.

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet

This medically managed 5-Day Fast activates the body's dormant ability to protect, repair, and rejuvenate itself.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Let us customize a wight loss system for you!